Why Visit Manu?

4 unique features of Manu Park

1. Manu is one of the few places with pristine tropical rainforest, including rare, endemic and endangered species. You can observe Giant River Otters, Caimans, 13 species of monkeys, Macaws and Toucans, Tapirs, Anteaters and even the Jaguar!

2. The Manu National Park covers almost 1.8 million hectares and protects numerous ecosystems from 4000 m all the way down to 250 m: Andean Grasslands (Puna), Elfin Forest, Cloud Forest and tropical lowland Rainforest. The overland journey from Cusco gives you a comprehensive experience of the rainforest ecosystems – a unique and awesome trip!

3. Manu is home to various indigenous tribes; some of which preserve a nomadic lifestyle and live in isolation, avoiding contact with “civilisation”. On some of our tours you have the opportunity to meet the Machiguenga Indians.

4. Manu gives you first-class conditions to observe wildlife and the possibility to see a big variety of animals. If you are looking for an unsurpassable and pure rainforest experience Manu is your best choice. You won’t find mass tourism in Manu!